For the full report see here: JFC Peace Monitor – First Delegation Report 2018

This report details the conclusions from the Justice for Colombia (JFC) Peace Monitor delegation to Colombia which took place between 5 and 10 April 2018.

The JFC Peace Monitor delegation, comprised of British and Irish parliamentarians and international trade union leaders, visited Colombia to observe the current state of implementation of the peace agreement signed between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP.

This was the first in a series JFC Peace Monitor delegations which will continue to observe the implementation of the Final Peace Agreement at least through 2018 and 2019.

This report recognises the official mechanisms that exist for verification of implementation of the peace agreement and as such does not have the intention nor the capacity to offer a verification at that level. Instead its objectives are to detail the principle themes that were raised during the visit in terms of advances and concerns for the implementation of the peace agreement.

Justice for Colombia, and the JFC Peace Monitor and all its supporters are grateful to all of the individuals, organisations, and institutions who made themselves available during this delegation and have expressed a commitment to continue collaborating with this project.

Whilst this report highlights many of the concerns that were expressed during the delegation, at the same time we recognise and congratulate the significant work being done on both sides of the negotiations and across different institutions and organisations often in the face of incredible difficulties and complexities to help ensure that the peace agreement between the Colombian state and the FARC brings a sustainable peace to Colombia.

Summary of Findings

Whilst the delegation was exposed to a number of concerns surrounding the implementation of the peace deal which painted a worrying overall picture, there was also emphasis on some of the successes which have already been achieved.

The principal successes spoken about were the ending of the armed conflict and the significant reduction in the number of violent deaths as a result, and the formation of the FARC as a legal political party.

The principal concerns which contributed to a seemingly growing sense of apprehension for the future of the peace agreement centred on the violence against community leaders and political activists, slow advance on areas of reincorporation of former FARC-EP combatants, difficulties in implementing rural reforms, changes made to the nature of the agreement as legislation goes through Congress, and the legal insecurity felt by FARC members.

The importance of international accompaniment for the implementation of the peace agreement was emphasised throughout the delegation.

For the full report see here: JFC Peace Monitor – First Delegation Report 2018